The Haggards



The Haggards is a melodic bar band that plays a wide variety of country, blues, folk, rock and oldies.  Consisting of Henry Nigro, Steve Brennan, and Jon Stone, the band's members have played at some of the best clubs on the North Shore.  While this incarnation is fairly new, momentum is building.  We hope to see you soon at a venue near you!


  • currently booking new dates, check back soon!


We're actively booking!  Expect to see more dates soon.

The band can be booked as a trio (no drummer) or quartet.  Steve also does solos.

For booking, contact Steve at or 781-710-3986


Here are some recordings from practice...  Things are progressing nicely.

Haggards - 110221 - 01 - Friend of the Devil.mp3

Haggards - 110221 - 02 - Child of the While Blue Yonder.mp3

Haggards - 110221 - 03 - Found Out About You.mp3

Haggards - 110221 - 04 - Mary Jane's Last Dance.mp3

Haggards - 110221 - 05 - Dance with the Woman at the Bar.mp3

Haggards - 110221 - 06 - Cryin'.mp3

Haggards - 110221 - 07 - Last Time.mp3